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Work in progress...
Work in progress...
Tecnowind Group has been working in the Appliance Industry for over 30 years ; it is the Leading independent European Manufacturer of cooker hoods, as well as an International Leader in the vitro ceramic electric hobs production for domestic use. Tecnowind offers a wide range of products, from the 'entry level' to the 'premium' line, as well as tailor-made technology solutions according to the needs of its clients; the main purpose is to offer high reliability solutions and to promote both the Italian Design and the high Qualitative level worldwide. The Tecnowind development strategy is focused on product diversification and internal growth through the strengthening of its international commercial structure and of the foreign production platforms in China and Romania, with a parallel focus on buying opportunities. Tecnowind was founded in 1983 as a Cooker hoods manufacturer and acquired Elcolux, a vitro ceramic electric hobs producer, in 1997. In 1999, the Company opened its own factory for internal machining in order to guarantee absolute accuracy and quality of the products.
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