how to choose a hood

Design hoods and functionality

Design hoods: foto 1


First of all one has to decide the most suitable model for the kitchen, which also reflects the own taste.

The Tecnowind product range of design furnishing hoods is absolutely complete from the point of view both functionality (wall, built-in and island hoods) and the aesthetic versions.

Tecnowind guarantees for any model you are choosing performance efficiency, modern and elegant design as well as product quality.


Hood in filter and suction versions

aspiration and filtrating hoods

All Tecnowind models can run in 2 versions:
Suction version: the sucked air is directed outside the housing
Filter version: the sucked air cleaned by charcoal filters turns into the room.
In the first case the hood is definitely more efficient. It is equipped with a special valve which allows the sucked air getting outside avoiding simultaneously that cold air from outside enters.

Where the suction version is not possible, one has to use the filter version using charcoal filters. With these the sucked air is cleaned and turns into the kitchen. A good upkeeping of the filers is necessary.

In both cases the tubes have to be of a certain diameter (at least 120 mm). In case of external connection (suction version) it does not have to be too long and tortuous as it would influence the performance of the hood.

However the possible version depends on the type of kitchen.


External extractor: how to resolve the noisiness problem!

Aspiration and filtrating hoods: detail 2

Some models of the range are available also with remote motor that is fixed outside the kitchen or even the housing but commanded by the hood.

This type of appliance resolves the problem of noisiness keeping a perfect suction capacity. Even in that case it is recommended to use a non return valve in order to avoid the entering of cold air from outside the housing.

Centralized suction: systems equipped with electric valve

Aspiration and filtrating hoods: detail 3The Tecnowind product range includes also models with electric valve, suitable for centralized suction systems which are often used in condominiums.
As in this case the centralized system is always running, the suction of the hood in the single housing is regulated by the opening and closing of a special electrically commanded valve.
Indeed the missing closing of the valve would cause the withdrawal of warm air from the kitchen even if not necessary.