Hood touch control panel: the technology

Tecnowind has a wide variety of interface controls for its product range. The controls are "on-board", however some are equipped with the option of a "remote control" in order to manage the product from a distance.

Mechanical and electromechanical controls
The range includes all controls with basic on-off, speed management, and light on-off functions. They can be slider, button, knob and backlit types. They are available in different shapes and colours so as to provide more options for the customisation of the same product.

Electronic controls
The range is available in different aesthetics and versions: touch, digital display, and backlit buttons. These controls are equipped with basic settings for functions, speed adjustment, light on-off, timer, intensity, 30-hour filter saturation signal (grease and odours). More advanced versions also have light dimmer functions. Also manufacturers of vitro ceramic electric hobs, Tecnowind integrates hob-hood controls, whichmanage the part dedicated to suction with the hob "control", adjusting both cooking and fumes extraction in one solution.

Communication technology
Tecnowind hoods can be supplied with air quality sensors that can sync speed operation with cooking. Some designs are set up with WIFI Systems, which, by means of an APP, enable you to manage the product remotely via your smartphon or tablet, using the home network and inserting the product in a home automation context.
Lastly, some models are equipped with a HIFI System with "Sound Exciter" that transforms a daily electric appliance like your hood into a high-quality audio system. The system works via normal "Bluetooth" connection.