filtering and suction

Charcoal filters

Charcoal filters are only used in case the hood is installed in filtrating version and are real air cleaners.
This function is due to the huge capacity of the active charcoal which detains particles and substances before leaving the sucked air into the surroundings. Charcoal filters cannot be washed or regenerated and have to be changed from time to time.
The saturation of the active charcoal depends on how one makes use of the hood: use for a shorter to a longer period, type of cooking, regularity of grease filter cleaning.
Antigrease filter

Antigrease filter however is always necessary and has 2 functions: it protects the inner part of the hood, avoiding that the sucked grease damages the electric components, particularly the blower.
In addition it has a decorative function as there is a variety of aesthetical finishings. Among these the acrylic filter, used in the basic hoods. It is made of fireproof materials and has a limited duration which depends on the frequency of use.
For high quality products Tecnowind use aluminium or stainless steel filters. These can be washed in the dish washer and are offering a highly requested aesthetic. The stainless steel filters are the top from the point of view of quality, robustness, efficiency and elegance – increased in value by a handle in zama which makes easier the removal.
Perimetric aspiration

The hoods of the latest generation are equipped with perimetric aspiration. Thanks to a special crack this kind of aspiration generates an increased air velocity and reduces this way the leak of fumes outside the aspiration perimeter of the hood.
The 2 stainless steel panels not only give a higher value to the product but also make it more elegant and highly required by customers.
In addition the polished and linear surface makes the hood easy to clean. Moreover the panels can be fitted with special sound absorbent pad as accessory. These are reducing significantly the noisiness.
All hoods fitted with parametric aspiration have the highest quality antigrease filters.

Baffle filters

Some of the models of the TW range are using the baffle filter in stainless steel. By forcing the air to pass in a particular “labyrinth” they guarantee highest efficiency on treating the grease particles. In addition this filter which is washable in the dish washer gives a modern and elegant design to the hood.