why choose vitroceramic hobs

Modern and elegant design

Nowadays the kitchen has become the most appreciated room to stay for the whole family. Therefore choosing a ceramic hob which matches not only the own taste but also the surroundings is essential. 

The glass-ceramic hob is a high end product from the point of view of elegance and modernity thanks to the easy adaptability to other domestic appliances: the hood control is the same as it is for the oven and the hob.

Tecnowind product range is absolutely complete from the point of view of functionality and the various aesthetics of the products. The mechanical and electronic hobs in their various dimensions are available both with elegant frames in stainless ateel or aluminium and in the soft line or bevelled version.

For any version you will be choosing, the technological value, the modern and elegant design as well as the quality of the product willde guaranteed.


Comparing a ceramic hob with a traditional gas hob, the first one has the following characteristics:

Easier to clean:
thanks to a perfectly flat surface.

because in the domestic environment it is safer to use electrical energy instead of gas, and thanks to electronic securities which are absolutely not available for the traditional gas hob.

More intelligent:
because of the use of electronics which allows various additional functions (timer, clock, memory function for cooking times in addition to several safety devices).

More efficient: as there is no heat dispersion (the pot is in direct contact with heating element) there is less time needed for the normal cooking with consequent costs reduction.

Touch control low power Italy

Despite all the advantages mentioned, the spread of the electrical hob in Italy is not very important. This is exactly the opposite of the European trend and is caused by the limited wattage available for domestic use. A building normally has only 3kW available.

In order to find a solution Tecnowind has conceived a patent for a completely electronic system (Capacitive Touch control) which is able to manage the maximum power absorbed in 4 different levels. This technology manages in an intelligent manner the running of the heating element by switching them on and off. This allows yhe use of a hob which normally would consume 6 kW at a minimum power level of 2,4 kW. In addition the power level set up is changeable during the normal use the hob.