The induction vitroceramic hobs performances are generated by a magnetic field: this is created by inductors (coil), placed under the glass surface, by reacting with the iron of the cooking pots.

When a steel pot, or another iron material, is put on the cooking plate a reaction transforms the energy into a magnetic field.

The flows which are generated heat up the pot bottom which transfers the heat directly to the food.

Inductionís advantages

An essential feature of the induction hobs is the direct transfer of the energy from the inductor to the pot without intermediaries (unlike any traditional pot).Therefore the induction ceramic hob is:

the heat is produced directly in the pot and it is transferred to the food, so the glass temperature remains very low reducing the risk of injuries, especially for children.

the heat is generated directly on the pot, without having to wait for the vitroceramic to warm up. So the food heating time is reduced.

More efficient:
the 90% of the absorbed energy is turned into heat. Then, when the pot is removed from the plate, the heat transmission is immediately interrupted, without any waste of energy.

the system recognizes automatically also the different diameter of each pot and for each dimension the system adopts the suitable power level. This allows to use pots of different size without any waste of energy