Control types and technologies

The ceramic hob is the most used appliance in the kitchen. 

For this reason, with the aim to offer to the end user the best possible comfort, Tecnowind offers a full range of glass ceramic hobs.

Each model - induction, electronic or mechanical - is fitted with the most modern and reliable control types, adding safety and design.

Thanks to many additional electronic functions, the glass ceramic hob becomes an intelligent tool, making cooking easier and pleasant in safer conditioning.

Electronics type SLIM, very elegant and available both in electronic and induction hobs, is the latest trend of design for its small dimensions.

Electronics type LUX, fitted with numerous additional functions, allows to memorize full cooking cycles.

Electronics type EASY, with its simple but elegant design is very easy to use.

Each Tecnowind hob fitted with electronic control has numerous additional functions at its disposal such as Timer, Booster, Heat-Up, Memory, and important electronic safety devices such as O.S.D. (in case of liquid leakage), Child Safety Loch (to avoid accidental use of children) and others to make the Kitchen safer.

Elegant knobs, which can be personalized according to taste and the design of the other kitchen appliances, for the mechanical selection of the power level of the hob, complete a huge range of control types, so that each model has the most suitable control at its disposal.