special products

Special Products for Vitroceramic Hobs

A kitchen is dependant on the shapes and spaces that surround it. The continuous evolution of these shapes and spaces, create the absolute need for the appliances that accompany it to possess one fundamental characteristic: adaptability, in both terms of dimension and aesthetics towards the environment in which they are installed.

Tecnowind offers a range of vitroceramic hobs that, beyond being truly complete, present great project modularity, thus they are easily personalized in terms of dimension and aesthetics. Numerous projects carried out by Tecnowind have been customized to meet the needs of specific clients, which is why they can be defined as being "special".

Such as, custom built hobs constructed for free-standing kitchens with "anomalous" dimensions and curved forms that are anything but traditional.

In addition, every hob, thanks to their vast aesthetic versatility guaranteed by the vitroceramic, can be personalized with any screen-print or design desired, even meeting with the most extravagant of tastes.

Naturally, a perfect finish is always guaranteed, along with the absolute quality and safety of each and every hob in the product range.